The Great Artisnal Autumnal Homebrew Competition.


Do we have your attention?

Good. Ahem…

Allow us to introduce “The Great Artisanal Autumnal Homebrew Competition!”
Iron Hill, West Chester in collaboration with Artisan Homebrew invite all area homebrewers to create an inspired interpretation of a seasonally strange fall beer to be judged by an esteemed panel of local brewing expertise, wherein the top TWO beers (chosen by virtue of not just their superiority, but their DISSIMILARITY from one another) will be poured at this year’s Gathering of the Gourds event alongside some of the nation’s most exceptionally spooky pumpkin-esque beers. The winners will be lauded with fame, prizes, praise, and oh I don’t know… FREE BEER AT THE “GATHERING” EVENT? We may even sneak your ugly mugs onto this year’s t-shirt.

 ”But Jean & Mike!…What does this all mean?!?”
Well… Relax, Don’t worry, have a Homebrew, and all will be explained!

We are looking for creative, unique, “out-of-style”, and generally weird fall beers. Beers entered into the competition must have roots to the Fall season, whether it be a seasonal vegetable, fruit, or spice (or all of the above!). That’s pretty much it.

To be a contender you must be ready to give up a sixtel of your creation for the “Gathering” event (don’t worry, you’ll be more than compensated for your generous donation!). We will judge all entries on 10/11/10 at Artisan. A minimum of 22 ounces (whether it be two 12 oz bottles, one 22oz bottle, a growler, or a hollowed out, pressure tested gourd) is required to enter.

So to recap:

1) Brew a weird fall themed beer.

2) Be sure to have at least 4 gallons of beer in a sixtel(corney keg) ready for the GOTG event if you win.

3) Drop off at least 22 ounces of your miscreant creation AT ARTISAN HOMEBREW no                                                            

     later than 10/10/10.

4) Watch Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Evil Dead: Army of Darkness (in that order) over

    and over again until winners are announced.


Please contact or with any questions.

© 2010, Mike. All rights reserved.

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